Monday, July 16, 2018

Stephanie Gets Dental Attention in Findlay Ohio

Stephanie cracked her tooth several days ago. Today, we stopped by old stomping grounds in Findlay Ohio. Her grandmother and mother came to pick her up to take her to the dentist office.
  While Stephanie got her tooth looked at, I continued on to Tiffin to pick up a load of furniture. Bruce came by to visit for a bit. He’s a great guy. 
  When I get back to Findlay, Stephanie was on her way over to the truck stop also. The timing was good. 
  4 miles of rain punctuated the rest of our afternoon drive. It was interesting how dry things could be one moment and then so wet the next. We are spending the night in Vandalia Ohio. 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Left Springfield at 5am. Easy Sunday. Sleeping in Brazil Indiana

We gently eased out of my parents’ Springfield neighborhood at 5 o’clock this morning. Mom is apprehensive about having our truck and around, as it might be too noisy for everyone’s comfort. 
  It took a little more than two hours to get down to Mountain Home, Arkansas to pick up our load. I had forgotten how steep and twisty some of the roads can be getting down there. Our shipper was pleasant and trading trailers at their facility went smoothly.
  Being a Sunday night, we figured that the truck stops would be very full. I asked Stephanie to reserve a parking space. When we got to Brazil Indiana, there are still quite a few spaces available. I guess we didn’t need to spend that $12, after all.
  For dinner, Stephanie made corned beef and cabbage. It tasted good and was satisfying. The puppies enjoyed the leftover broth. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Going to Bed on Night #2 of TAH

We went to a family reunion in Arkansas today. It was a good time. The kids enjoyed themselves. My mom rode with us for the 2-hour trip, to & from. It was nice to have her around. 
  I’m really tired & am looking forward to deep sleep before the alarm wakes me in the morning. We have ambitions work plans. 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Easy Day, But We Worked Hard. Sleeping in Dallas Again

It was nice to wake up on Potawatomi property. Nobody bothered us during the night. After letting the dogs run around for a while, I moved the truck a little closer to the grocery store. When I looked around, I noticed ELEPHANTS! My tribe was having a circus at the event center. I wish we could have stuck around to enjoy the fun. 
  To be continued...

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Working Hard in Texas & Oklahoma, Then Visiting Folks in Shawnee

I pushed myself & the truck hard today. Things went smoothly & the freight paid nicely. 
  We delivered a load in Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma, then we got ourselves up to Shawnee just before sunset.
   It was good to spend some time with my dad, brother, aunt & uncle. Dad & Mark picked us up from the Potawatomi event area. Uncle Galen & Aunt Sondra met us at an ice cream restaurant in nearby Tecumseh. We always laugh a lot when we are together. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Got New Steer Tires in Benton Arkansas

Quarterly inspection was about due. I was intending to have it done in Dallas, after we delivered our load of diapers to a large distribution center in a nearby city. 
  As lunchtime approached, we intended to take a break in North Little Rock, Arkansas. However, those plans changed when I heard an explosion. I believed that it was one of our trailer tires. So, I altered our destination. There was a tire bank at a truck stop on the other side of Little Rock. Wingfoot/Goodyear is usually pretty good at getting us in and getting us out.
  I pulled the truck up to the tire bay. Before going to the service counter, I thought it would be a good idea to determine exactly which tire had blown on the trailer. None of the tires were flat or blown. Well, since we were already here, I might as well get my mandatory quarterly inspection done on the tractor. 
  Before getting my inspection formally flunked , I consulted with a knowledgeable person nearby. My left steer tire was wearing unevenly and the second layer of rubber was showing. We both agreed that I should get my tires changed before getting the inspection. 
  Stephanie and I went to a nearby chicken restaurant while the mechanics changed both of my front tires. When we got back, they had one of them all ready to go. I got the dogs out to exercise. Shortly after I got them back to the building, the other tire was mounted and paperwork was ready to sign. I think we were there for a total of 60 minutes. Inspection was complete and we were ready to resume our trip to the Dallas area. 

Monday, July 9, 2018

Glad We Hustled Hard to Get This Load Picked Up Tonight

Our customer in Neelys Landing, Missouri can be very busy during the daylight hours. I drove a little faster and we minimized our breaks this evening so that we could get our load picked up tonight. When we parked at the nearby truckstop, I had about 10 minutes remaining on the DOT clock. This was a rewarding day.