Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Frustrated in Freeport

We picked up from a chemical factory that had very stringent rules. One of the rules prohibited pets and passengers. I dropped Stephanie and the dogs off at a nearby motel. 
  My tasks were to drop off an empty trailer and to pick up a loaded trailer. This would ordinarily take 30 minutes, but here it took 3 hours. After having my truck searched, I had to be escorted by security guards to everywhere I went. There were four stations I had to visit before leaving the facility. There were lots of other drivers & several new employees who weren’t quite sure of how to do their jobs. I had to speak up to get the process underway. 
  When I finally left the chemical plant, I drove a short distance to pick up my wife and pets. They were tired, hot, frustrated & dehydrated. The half-gallon of water went quickly & Stephanies phone died an hour earlier. They were all glad to be back in the truck. 

Monday, April 23, 2018

Successful Monday after Leaving Home Last Night

Time at home went smoothly & we made some fun memories at the river. We had the kids from Friday afternoon until Sunday night. 
  In order to make sure we delivered this load on time, we left home last night. The 90 miles to Joplin gave us a good advantage today. 
  Delivery to the grocery store warehouse in Lufkin Texas went smoothy. The unloading service charged $280 to get our freight out of our trailer & onto the warehouse floor. 
  I drove about 90 miles from Lufkin to where we are spending tonight: in New Caney, at the Flying J. We just got showers & are now waiting for food to be brought to our table at Denny’s. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

All the Way to Omaha & Eventually to Home

We had some good loads that took us to Omaha & neighboring areas. It was good to be in the Central Time Zone again.  
  Everything worked out to get us home this morning. There were lots of chores to be done before and after picking up the kids. We are camping out in Springfield until Monday morning. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Early Morning Start & Feeling Productive

We started work in Jacksonville Florida just before 3 o’clock this morning. I’m sure someone was glad that we vacated our parking space. That truck stop is always full, with lots of drivers agonizing over where they can legally park. 
  It was nice to pick up our load at the paper plant in Palatka, Florida during the dark of night. I discovered that they have a free scale that we can use, but we had to endure poor manners from a surly guard. 
  Our route took us up I-75, and through Atlanta. It had been a while since I braved the comical chaos of the I-285 beltway. We should come to the Southeast more often than we do. 
  I decided to end the workday a few miles earlier than planned. A screaming power inverter was driving Stephanie batty, as she was cooking dinner in the crockpot. Things run better with the main engine off & the APU running instead. We are in Resaca, Georgia. 
  The puppies got to run around off-leash for a while. After we returned to the truck, several other drivers came walking by with their dogs. Our girls barked their heads off as they watched members of their species stroll on by. It was comical to see how worked up they got. 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Failing to Blog & Taking a 34 in Florida

Boy howdy, as my cousin likes to say...I’ve neglected you all for a while. We’ve kept the truck wheels turning & maintained our usual routines. 
  We are on a 34-hour break in Jacksonville, Florida. I have really needed a chance to catch up on sleep. 
  The puppies & I encountered an alligator today. We were really glad that it dashed from the weeds into the water. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Arriving Home

We’ve been pulling freight in Mississippi and other states that we haven’t been to much lately. The revenue has been good. 
  We got home today. Tonight, “home” is a basic cabin at the KOA in Springfield, Missouri. Our boys are here. Everyone is having a good time. 
  While we are having a good time with our kids, our hearts and thoughts are with my grandpa. He has been in the hospital, trying to overcome a painful bowel problem. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Suspense on 3-Stop Delivery in NJ & PA

This past Friday, we had a wild time in New Jersey and Philadelphia. The places we went were extremely tight and our customers were not able to get our trailer unloaded within a reasonable amount of time. It was kind of stressful on us because we had plans to be in Findlay the following day, if the following load worked out properly. 
  And our first customer we delivered to, we spent the night right on the property. We got woken up during the night so we could move for one of the grocery store company drivers. When it was our earliest opportunity to check in, we had to wait for a variety of other vendors to unload their product. It wasn’t there, but that’s just the way it goes.
  Our second  customer Was in Garwood New Jersey, not too far from Jersey City, and the worst of New Jersey. Because the street and unloading area was fully congested, we had to circle around the neighborhood for a while before we could simply pause anywhere. Some of the corners I had to negotiate were extremely tight. It took a few hours for the unloading area to become empty enough for us to enter. When it was our time to get in, we had to have another delivery vehicles moved so that we could maneuver into the unloading dock. It was a wild chore, also because the facility was set up for much smaller trucks. 
  The grocery store in Philadelphia was extremely glad when we came with their much desired rate. They got us unloaded quickly, after an easy entrance into their unloading area.