Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Day Off & Phone Adventure in Buffalo New York

This morning was an extraordinarily lazy one. Except for a potty outing with the puppies, we didn’t leave the truck until beyond noon. Considering how hard we have been working, a full morning of sleep and relaxation was necessary to our health. 
  After breakfast, which was finally consumed by 1 o’clock this afternoon, we went on an adventure to get my phone problem straightened out. First, we went to the Sprint store. After 90 minutes of waiting and receiveing lame advice, a technician advised us to go to the Apple Store. Although we had recently been to the Apple store in Springfield Missouri, we proceeded to the one here in Buffalo New York, in the big shopping mall. After 90 minutes there, the technician was pretty sure he had my phone straightened out. We went shopping at a nearby store, and then I noticed that my phone had spontaneously shut off again. Grrrr. We marched back into the Apple store and reported the continuing failure. They decided to give us a replacement phone, thankfully. From there, we had to go upstairs to the Sprint store to get the phone activated the rest of the way. Apparently that is something unique to Sprint. We did not know that there was a Sprint store in the shopping mall earlier; we could have saved money on a ride. so, here I am, enjoying a new phone. Wish me luck on this one. The iPhone 8 Plus is awesome.
   Our phone adventure kept us away from the truck for more than four hours. I was really worried about our dogs. Miraculously, they were fine & had kept their crate clean. As you can imagine, they were extremely excited about getting outside.

Long Deadhead

We deadheaded well over 400 miles to pick up a load from the Columbus Ohio area. We took it to Buffalo New York and promptly found a place to park the rig for a 34 hour break. For that trip, our trailer was empty for more miles than it was loaded. But, that was fine since the pay was so extraordinary.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Good Customers & Phone Malfunctions

We are spending the night in Hagerstown Maryland. It was nice to get a couple hours farther up the road than planned. Our customers have gotten us out of their facilities much faster than the average amount of time they usually take. 
  My phone has been spontaneously shutting off & restarting after random lengths of time. We really need to make time to visit a Sprint store to get this resolved. This phone has been in my possession for only a few weeks. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Leaving Home/ Barely Getting Places On Time/ Sleeping in Nashville

We dropped our 10-year-old son off at the bus stop just two minutes before the big yellow beast pulled up. He really enjoys riding around in our big blue Kenworth tractor. 
  After that, I connected to the trailer while Stephanie went and got food and coffee. We drove the 185 miles to Union Missouri as quickly as we could. The time was 11:00 on the button when we arrived to pick up our load. I was truly happy we weren’t late. 
  Time & traffic allowed us to get all the way down to Nashville Tennessee. We are sleeping at the big truck stop downtown.

All The Way To The Other Coast & Then Home

We made money all the way to the East Coast and then we routed ourselves back home. My birthday was yesterday. I turned 42. My parents & kids made me feel really special, and my wife made me feel extra special.
  The dogs are doing great. They weigh around 30 pounds each. Their veterinarian says that they are very healthy, as she gave them their rabies shot.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Season’s Virus

For the sake of being polite, we pretended a woman wasn’t being rude. She coughed without covering her mouth & did so excessively. We were seated next to her at a fast food restaurant. I got the nasty cold just a few days later. Stephanie stayed healthy long enough to make us think she wasn’t going to get it, but the ugly drips & sensations hit her two nights ago. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Cool Colorado/ Their First Experience With Snow

The furry girls got to play in snow for the first time. We paused for a short break at the rest area at Vail Pass, Colorado. Freyja was especially impressed with the frozen stuff, as she covered her body in it as much as possible.