Friday, January 19, 2018

Got Fooled By the Money / Tense Friday

We had a short load that paid a lot. We thought it would be an easy deal. However, the shipper took five hours to load us. That really put a dent in our plans, but it looks like we will still be able to accomplish our future goals. When we delivered our load to its customer, about 25 miles away, we had to leave without an empty trailer. So, things were a little challenging on both ends of the gig.
  While we were at the Schneider OC, a woman glared at us as we walked our dogs in the grassy storm overflow area. As our dogs were doing their business, she came up to me and handed me a bag to scoop up their poop. She was extremely insistent that we do so in her presence. Despite her scathing comments toward us, I kept it very polite. 
  We picked up a load of water out of the Hawkins Texas. The bill said the weight was 45,322 pounds. With fuel tanks at 3/4, I wasn’t sure we would be able to get the weight legal. There is a scale right around the corner from the shippers yard, which is owned by an elderly couple on eight plot of wooded land. This is probably my seventh time there. Invariably, one set of axles is usually a few hundred pounds overweight, so the kind scale owner volunteers to pull the slider pin and direct me forward or reverse to get the weight distribution just right. Our overall weight is about 79,400 pounds. The legal limit is 80,000 pounds.
   We are spending the night in the parking lot of a big store in Mount Pleasant Texas. I took Stephanie over to a truly Texan hamburger restaurant. She was moderately impressed.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Cleaning On Our Day Off In Dallas

Taking 34-hours off at a company yard really helps us to get our things cleaned properly. We washed all of our clothes & bedding. We moved all of our belongings & vacuumed every surface in the truck. It’s a good feeling to have a clean environment again.  

The Blue Truck Got Its First Quarterly Inspection

Along with a non-oil PM, I had the Dallas maintenance staff perform a quarterly inspection on our new truck. Everything went smoothly & nothing of concern was noted. 

Did First Quarter Sustainment Training

A few days ago, I completed the mandatory training session that Schneider produces every three months. This time, they focused on hazardous materials safety and compliance. For accomplishing it, I am seeing an extra $15 on tomorrow’s settlement.   

Completed My V&R Form

As we do every January, I completed my Violation & Review form. It’s nice that we can get it done online. The folks at Schneider will be pleased to see that I didn’t have any encounters with police last year.  

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Bobtailing Into the Dallas OC For a 34-hour Break

We delivered a load to a customer in Dallas. They didn’t have any empty trailers, so we got to bobtail out of there. Not having an empty trailer allowed us to easily park at a Chinese restaurant before we entered the gates of the Schneider yard.  

Hard Cold Winter Way Down in Arkansas & Texas

Wow, it has been cold virtually everywhere. Arkansas & Texas got a significant amount of winter precipitation before we came through.