Monday, May 21, 2018

Leaving Home & Delivering in Iowa

Right before leaving home, the truck computer decided it was time for a 10 minute parked regen. A regen is the function of the engine running extra hot to burn out the exhaust particulates in the collection chamber. This usually happens unnoticed, while we are driving. However, since our APU has quit working, we have had to run the engine at night to remain comfortable.
  We took off at around 6 o’clock this morning. Since we gave ourselves plenty of time, we got to enjoy a few leisurely breaks. The dogs enjoyed the extra time to run around.
  Our directions took us to the wrong side of Des Moines Iowa to deliver. I think the Navigo directions were antiquated. We had to backtrack about 20 miles, stopping by a truck stop along the way for fuel. Fortunately, we still arrived before our customer closed for the afternoon. The load that originated in Houston Texas was successfully completed.
  We are spending the night in St. Joseph Missouri. Our next load is in our possession.  The customer was just down the street from this truck stop. 
  Below is an unrelated picture to this blog chapter. During our time at home, we went to the Wonders of Wildlife Museum in Springfield Missouri. It was our second time to visit. It is a truly amazing place. This is the only picture that I took during our Sunday tour. 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Delayed in Houston & Got Home Later Than Desired

It was an awesome feeling to run several hours ahead of schedule. But that feeling faded as our shipper in Houston kept us several hours longer than anticipated. This resulted in our getting home too late to make proper overnight arrangements for our kids. We will just have to see them tomorrow & return them to the farm in the evening. Tonight, we are sleeping in our truck, on my parents’ street in Springfield Missouri. My mom treated us to take-out Taco Bell for dinner. We got a few chores accomplished before retiring to the bunk to blog, relax & sleep. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

South Carolina to Pittsburg Kansas / Rain & Ticks

Our route took us through Springfield Missouri yesterday. There was a significant downpour of rain and hail. While some were stopped on the shoulder of the road, we felt safe at 40 mph.
  We spent the night outside of our customer’s facility in Pittsburg Kansas. The weather was relatively nice. I had to towel the dogs off after they ran through the grass. For dinner, we made chicken, green beans, and little potatoes. Most of our meals are made in the truck nowadays.
  This morning, we got unloaded. I got acquainted with a fellow Schneider driver. He was interested in joining the independent contractors program. So, I gave him a couple of phone numbers and I sent a couple of messages to people at Schneider.
  We just got finished taking a walk down the street. Along the way, the puppies got acquainted with a large snapping turtle on the side of the road. We made them keep their distance. Returning to the truck, we did a tick check. Stephanie took a tick off of the back of my neck, and we removed ticks from each of the girls ears. The black dog is always the most resistant of the two.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Ohio to North Carolina to End the Fiscal Week Well

It was a full day. Some of the usual obstacles punctuated our trip, like having to adjust trailer axles & crawling through a traffic jam. We dropped off our loaded trailer at a small distribution center yard in Matthews, North Carolina. There weren’t any other drivers there, so things went quickly. Our nameless trailer management supervisors instructed us to wait until morning to acquire an empty trailer. So, we are spending the night nearby, next to several other trucks, parked next to a grocery store. 

Mothers Day in Findlay

It is Monday morning. We had a really good weekend with family in Findlay. The Snoke grandparents hosted us in their home, as usual. Various family members came over during the course of the weekend. We kept baby Layla overnight. She is 2 months old. We are glad her 2-week hospital ordeal is over. 
  Our puppies had a lot of fun with Katie, the Snokes five-year-old Weimaraner. It takes a lot of time for her to warm up to our energetic dogs.
  Our son, Kevin, took us out to dinner at red lobster. His fiancĂ© came along also.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Ahead of Schedule in Texas & Oklahoma

We are spending the night at a new Loves Travel Plaza, near Oklahoma City. I like how this truck stop chain is building new plazas in places that have needed them for many years. 
  Our trip to Temple Texas went well, even through morning traffic congestion through Dallas. I always enjoy the variety of traffic & scenery going down I-35. 
  We deadheaded all the way up to Lawton Oklahoma to pick up a load. I wish every customer experience could go as smoothly as it goes where we picked up today. I prefer to keep the identity of my customers somewhat vague for security purposes. 
  Keeping to our trip plan, we ended the workday just before entering Oklahoma City. We were pleasantly surprised that we were as far ahead of schedule as we are. Our first trip plan indicated that our weekend plans might be in danger because of that pesky 70-hour law. Let’s see how we do tomorrow. 
   Astrid (our black dog) nearly barked herself ragged today. She gets very animated every time we pass by a field with cows or horses. It’s usually quite amusing. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Memphis TN, Edwardsville IL & Anna TX

The above title lists the places we have spent nights in recently.