Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Lots of Living from Home to the West Coast

 We are spending the night in Weed California. It was good to get another shower. I took a few minutes to look through my phone pictures. There are lots of stories to be told about the last few days. I wish I could write about them as they should be told. My budget of time is really tight, however. 
  Our last trip took us from the St. Louis area to northern Oregon. This load boosted our weekly revenue to a nice level. 
  Along the way, we visited Uranus Fudge Factory in Saint Robert Missouri. It has an obviously funny and immature theme. We bought a variety of candy and fudge there. Stephanie had visited there last year and was excited to see me marvel at it for the first time. 
   In the far southwest corner of Iowa and through Nebraska, we stopped  at Sapp Brothers travel plazas. They had bidets in the ladies restrooms & Stephanie thought they were the best things ever! She posted pictures on Facebook and raved about them to anyone who would listen.  
  This post will have to be continued...

Friday, September 15, 2017

Busy Busy Then Time at Home

It's been a fast-moving week. We've covered many miles, visiting a variety of our usual customers. 
  We just left home. It was a good 34 hours, which included having our 3 boys overnight. We camped out in my parents' back yard again, as our other spots weren't practical this time. 
  At this moment, we are parked outside of a customer's warehouse in Republic Missouri. We were sent here to pick up an empty trailer, but they have none. The folks at Schneider will probably need 40 minutes to figure out what to do with us. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Beginning a 34 in Findlay

It's amazing how often we can get to Findlay Ohio. We picked up a load from Edison New Jersey this morning & delivered it to Van Buren Ohio. Just across the street from our customer is one of our favorite truck stops, which happens to be in Findlay. Stephanie's mom & our good friend came to pick us up. We are spending 34 hours at her grandparents house. Today is Grandma Snoke's 80th birthday.  

Working in Busy Places

We've been pulling freight around the Northeast for the last few days. It's been a profitable time.  

Monday, September 4, 2017

Today Was an Eventual Success

We woke up at the Schneider yard in Carlisle Pennsylvania. The "cubicle crew" sent us to two different places to search for an empty trailer. We suffered disappointment after disappointment. Apparently, several other drivers were struggling for the same thing. We eventually got permission to arrive at our shippers facility without an empty trailer. They had a full one waiting for us. Things went very smoothly from there until delivery in Uxbridge Massachusetts. Traffic was much lighter than we expected it to be. Delays were extremely minimal. Labor Day was good.
   At our delivery location in Uxbridge Massachusetts, we noticed a large number of empty Schneider trailers. We had been notified that there were none there, but to inform our leaders if we found the situation to be not so. That is exactly what we did. Stephanie called in on my behalf. The woman at Schneider, answering the calls, treated her in a very rude and bizzarre way. She saying on the phone and then had the nerve to complain that she could not hear what she was saying. I got on the phone and received a similar treatment. I suspect she was using illegal drugs. Our request to pick up the empty trailer there in Uxbridge was denied on account of a lack of "release numbers". I didn't press the issue any further, and simply chose to accept the 40 extra miles that we were trying to avoid. We don't need any of our reactions to be construed as something deserving of punishment. My friends know that I am ornery, but I know where not to tread.
   We got an empty trailer at the Schneider yard in Shrewsbury Massachusetts. They have a nice new driver facility on the property. There were a couple of friendly guys in the driver's lounge who enjoyed talking about Star Trek episodes. We had to leave as soon as our delivery pizza arrived, as we didn't have enough to share & felt badly about it. T

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Too Long on the Phone Regarding an Empty Trailer

While I do appreciate an overnight shift existing, I do get a little wrinkled when they can't do simple tasks - like assigning me to an empty trailer at a nearby facility when a current customer doesn't have any. I made 5 calls tonight, trying to get started on my next load. After literally 4 hours of constant communicating, they still don't have me any closer to an empty trailer assignment. We are in Carlisle & choosing to give up for the night. 

Fun in Findlay

We spent last night in Findlay Ohio & left this morning. It's always good to see family. During this visit, we had to accomplish the task of filling the interior living space of our rig with a variety of games & videos that Stephanie's dad enormously collected while he was alive. My brother in law took several trips to South Carolina to get the various things out of the house. Now we are engaged in the slow process of dividing things up between the siblings and various other family members.